Rick Ross’s New Private Jet Has His Name Embossed in Gold on the Side – Robb Report


Though Rick Ross most recently has been associated with lavish cars, he made it clear on social media that he also enjoys taking to the skies in a similar fashion 

On Instagram, the Boss posted images of the black-and-gold 18-passenger plane with his logo and name all over the aircraft’s body. Naming it “Maybach Airlines,” he thanked Duncan Aviation for the new toy. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson commented with a clap and whiskey toast emojis. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce also joined in on the fun, commenting “Boss Sh**!!!” with fire emojis. 

The rapper danced on a tarmac and told his followers that they could also a life like this if they put in the effort, TMZ reported. While inside the plane, Ross captured the interior decor and its upscale features, such as a self-folding table and shades that open and close with the click of a button. 

Speaking of air travel, the man who crashed Rick Ross’s recent car show by flying into the rapper’s property on a paraglider said the stunt almost cost him his life. Kris Jeter told WSBTV he got the idea for the high-flying entrance the morning of the event.

Jeter, who lives in South Carolina, drove to a field located about a mile from the rapper’s Promise Land estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. However, he quickly encountered an unforeseen obstacle to his plan: aggressive 25 mph winds that sent him troublingly close to trees. “As soon as I got turned around by the wind I had to fight my way to turn back around,” he told the station. “I did not get training. So I just kind of learned through YouTube and I’ve just been winging it.”

He was removed as soon as got to the rapper’s estate, where security was ready to address him when he landed. “They were just like, ‘Well you can’t land here,’” Jeter said. Ross’s attorney told the station the rapper found the stunt hilarious and has requested to meet Jeter. 

“I was pretty lucky to make it to Rick Ross’s house,” Jeter said. “It was honestly one of the scariest flights I’ve ever taken.” 

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