1 Feasible Rationale Olivia Rodrigo Chose Not to Sample Taylor Swift’s Songs on ‘Sour,’ but Used It a Distinctive Way Rather

Olivia Rodrigo launched three singles prior to her debut album and she did what quite a few artists struggled with: she introduced three bangers. And now with the release of her album, Sour, she has her lovers and very considerably the full tunes globe enamored with her new tracks. It is no mystery that she has a adore for songwriting and for Taylor Swift, so it definitely was only a make any difference of time right before Rodrigo used Swift for far more than just passing inspiration.

But instead of just sampling just one of Swift’s lots of songs as artists do normally, Rodrigo interpolated it. Which is a brand new term for a great deal of people today, but it basically could possibly be pretty important to lots of Swifties out there, and to Rodrigo, a Swift lover herself.

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