1 of Elvis Presley’s Films Was Likely to Have a Nude Scene

Elvis Presley was at times shockingly sexual for 1950s audiences — and he pretty much took things a lot farther in just one of his movies. One of his Westerns was heading to element a nude scene. Here’s a glance at the movie in question and what the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll reported about it.

Elvis Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Elvis Presley stated a single of his movies stood out from the relaxation

The 1960s was a transformative ten years for the Western genre. Switching social mores authorized for much more grit in Hollywood movies. Thanks to European Spaghetti Westerns and their American imitators, the Western genre started off embracing a lot more graphic violence, sexual intercourse, and morally questionable protagonists. In the course of the decade, Elvis starred in a Western referred to as Charro! which stood out from his other films because it wasn’t a musical. Apparently, Rolling Stone noted the “Can’t Support Falling in Love” singer commenced doing the job on Charro! days following finishing the ‘68 Comeback Distinctive that revitalized his job.

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