1 of the Pixies’ Most significant Hits Was Encouraged By Businessmen Who Drove Their Households Into the Ocean

The Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation” is a track with a strange, mysterious, and downright Murakami-esque record.  Launched for the first time in 1989, the music describes a phenomenon that was neither unusual at the time, nor without precedent. Yet number of recording artists ever deliver this sort of a spirit of reportage to their songs.

Pixies | FilmMagic/Getty Photographs

Waves of meaning and mythmaking infuse their timeless classic

“Wave of Mutilation”, a surf grunge ditty concerning El Niño and ruined Japanese businessmen driving off piers into the sea with all their family members strapped in the back seat,” said The Unbiased. In truth, several excellent recording artists have experienced brushes with the matter subject, which include Queen, who penned “Don’t Try Suicide.”

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