2 Theories About Who Has Polly

Riverdale took viewers on quite the trip in the March 17 episode. The very teased and expected “Lock and Key” manufactured matters exciting for Ronnie, Betty, Archie, Kevin, and Toni, but a several characters had larger difficulties than a essential recreation.

Betty’s lacking sister Polly is one particular of the ongoing mysteries in season 5, and there are many concepts about her whereabouts following episode 8.

Supplied Riverdale’s heritage with killers and otherworldly occurrences, not every little thing is too farfetched, but there are two wildly plausible theories about what is going on with Polly Cooper and her feasible fate. This is Riverdale soon after all.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 5, Episode 8, “Lock and Key”]

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Polly Cooper was abducted by the Trash Bag Killer

Released early in time 5, the Trash Bag Killer is a single of the villains lurking in the history on Riverdale. All enthusiasts know so considerably is that Betty fumbled her investigation and was taken captive by the killer, and he or she is continue to on the unfastened.

But Betty manufactured it out of that situation alive. And Riverdale is a city which is alluring to serial killers. Could the TBK be on the prowl, snatching up victims like Polly? Perhaps the killer is taunting Betty.

It’s definitely possible. Proper now, it would seem like there is some shady business enterprise likely on with truckers and the Lonely Highway, but that does not mean the TBK is not at the rear of the murders or does not have a spouse in criminal offense.

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Polly grabbed by the Mothman or aliens

Riverdale admirers know the writers aren’t worried to shake the story up with supernatural features or pink herrings. There very properly could be additional-terrestrial activity in town, but that does not clarify the erratic truck chases or bloodied cellular phone booth.

Having said that, the Mothman notion could be some bizarre urban legend stored alive by a murderer. Or there may be some trace of truth to it. In no way overlook that Edgar Evernever experienced people levitating babies about fires. When Polly called the second time, it sounded like she explained, “They’re coming.”

Even though Jughead and viewers are currently being led to believe there is a probability he’s just imagining factors, that would not make clear the creature he and Tabitha unearthed. The Mothman/alien idea may well maintain excess weight.

There has to be a lot more to the alien story, even if it connects to a location wherever paranormal action is the norm — like Greendale. Really do not count out that Sabrina crossover just but. Perhaps Polly truly was kidnapped by some creature.

A farfetched guess about Polly’s destiny

Betty’s designed a lot of enemies around the years thanks to her sleuthing, which include Farmies, Sugarman, Chic, Evelyn Evernever, and Hiram Lodge. With that in thoughts, the Lonely Highway villain could just be a single of Betty’s outdated foes like Evelyn.

Though Hiram is a valid guess, a person who’s broken out of jail is likelier. 7 many years have passed considering the fact that Betty still left Riverdale, leaving time for a parole or jail break. Probably Evelyn is making an attempt to get her murderous, organ-thieving cult back with each other once more.

No issue the Polly plotline final result, hope Bughead to activate when far more in the fascination of investigating what’s taking place to Jughead and the women of all ages alongside the Lonely Freeway. Tune in every Wednesday at 8 p.m. for extra Riverdale.

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