3 Inconsistencies About Dorothy and Stan’s Marriage That Infuriate Admirers

The Golden Girls remains a supporter favourite almost 30 a long time just after its series finale. Supporters argue that the sitcom remains timeless because of its witty banter, one of a kind character lineup, and fascinating storylines. The chemistry involving Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty can’t be denied possibly. Nevertheless, the series had some considerable plotholes, primarily when it came to Dorothy Zbornak and Stan Zbornak’s relationship. There are a few plot holes regarding Dorothy and Stan’s partnership that nonetheless generate lovers insane. 

‘The Golden Girls’ fans noticed that Stan Zbornak’s age does not gel with the tale of his and Dorothy’s marriage 

According to Stan and Dorothy, they briefly dated prior to Dorothy uncovered out she was expecting. The story has many versions, but most The Golden Women fans will remember that Dorothy the moment claimed to have gotten expecting on prom evening. Dorothy implied that Stan was a student at the same higher faculty, and which is how they arrived to know every single other. 

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