A Breakdown of the People Heading Into the New Storyline

The new storyline for Alchemy of Souls Season 2 K-drama spells enormous improve for the major figures. Jang United kingdom goes as a result of large heartache and darkness after 3 decades, and the remaining people deal with their battles and a few improvements to their lives based mostly on the events of the first period. TvN has introduced a thorough breakdown of the people and wherever they stand likely into Alchemy of Souls Time 2.

Principal characters for the fantasy K-drama ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2 | via tvN

So-i is continue to under the command of Jin Mu likely into the second season

One particular of the Alchemy of Souls figures that brought on issues was So-i. She was introduced as a thief who understood Mu-deok in advance of the situations of Nak-su and her soul shifting. When arriving, she falls for Website positioning Yul and results in being a servant of Jin Mu and Shaman Choi. She was compelled to impersonate Bu-yeon. But she is the only 1 mindful of who Mu-deok actually is. So-i is also liable for the bloodworm in Website positioning Yul’s body.

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