A Suspicious Nicolas Cage Experienced to Be Convinced That the Script Wasn’t Mocking Him

Actor Nicolas Cage is no stranger to odd roles. In Willy’s Wonderland, which is loosely based on the video game 5 Evenings At Freddy’s, Cage doesn’t utter a single term all through the total movie even though he is the major character. Having said that, his hottest operate, The Unbearable Bodyweight of Enormous Expertise, may well be a person of his most peculiar roles to day.

The premise of the film: Cage plays himself but goes by the identify Nick Cage. Even so, in the film, Cage is a down-and-out actor on the verge of fiscal destroy. He is hired to play a loaded fan’s birthday occasion by the identify of Javi, performed by Pedro Pascal, who also takes place to be an arms dealer. Cage finds himself performing with the CIA to consider Javi down. In the meantime, the two collaborate on a script.

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