‘Aaliyah Wanted to Marry Me’

R. Kelly has often maintained that he hardly ever did nearly anything illegal with Aaliyah. The two married in 1994 when he was 27, and she was 15. On her parents’ discovery, the relationship was annulled, and all call in between the two ceased. But in current authorized proceedings, Kelly reportedly disclosed there was a marriage concerning him and Aaliyah, but it was her notion.

Aaliyah | David Corio/Getty Pictures

R. Kelly explained to the psychiatrist all through a session that it was Aaliyah’s notion to get married

In advance of Kelly’s 1st legal trial, he had an analysis done by a medical assistant professor of Harvard Clinical School, Renee Sorrentino. The convicted criminal’s staff submitted the report forward of his sentencing in hopes that it would function in his favor. Radar On the internet attained a copy of the report.

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