Alexander Skarsgård Recalled the ‘Primal’ Scene That Remaining Him ‘Truly a Wreck’

Actors know to anticipate the surprising. Just after all, part of the career is turning into wildly distinctive characters from one particular part to the future. And in many cases, therein lies the obstacle. But with The Northman, director Robert Eggers posed a especially challenge to his cast. Star Alexander Skarsgård wanted to embody a character hellbent on revenge. The actor has admitted how exhausting The Northman was to make. And now he’s elaborated on the film’s most “primal” minute.

‘The Northman’ star Alexander Skarsgård | TOLGA AKMEN/AFP

Alexander Skarsgård plays a Viking out for revenge in ‘The Northman’

In The Northman, Skarsgård performs Amleth, a Viking prince who flees his mother immediately after his father (Ethan Hawke) is murdered. As a younger boy, he witnesses these types of violence, and that designs the bloodthirsty male he gets. And audiences get to witness his attempts to avenge his father’s demise and rescue his mom (Nicole Kidman).

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