Alexander Skarsgård’s Hero Connects to ‘True Blood’

Alexander Skarsgård stars in director Robert Eggers’ new movie The Northman. When Eggers formerly made horror flicks The Witch and The Lighthouse, his hottest is extra of a historical motion drama. Skarsgård’s character, nevertheless, intriguing ties back again to the function that very first produced him popular. Here’s how his character in The Northman ties all the way back to HBO’s Correct Blood.

‘True Blood’ star Alexander Skarsgård | Michael Buckner

Alexander Skarsgård rose to fame on HBO’s ‘True Blood’

Real Blood — based mostly on Charlaine Harris’ The Southern Vampire Mysteries novel series — debuted on HBO in September 2008. The story focuses on the romance amongst a human (Anna Paquin) and a vampire (Stephen Moyer). And as this sort of, the show’s achievements coincided with that of the Twilight flicks. And from 2008 right up until 2014, the show’s admirer base relished the horror-fantasy melodrama and breakout stars like Joe Manganiello and Skarsgård.

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