‘Below Deck’ Producers Place Cameras Down During the Boat Crash but It Just isn’t the To start with Time in the Record of the Show

Alli Dore from Underneath Deck Sailing Yacht admits she was in particular shaken when she noticed output place down their cameras all through the boat crash. As terrifying as that was, this wasn’t the first time output stopped rolling because of to a Underneath Deck crisis.

“And all the cameras went down,” Dore stated during a weekly Pita Party Instagram movie. “We have been dead ship. All the lights went out, everything went down. We experienced never noticed creation put their cameras down right before. And this was the initially time. And that was terrifying. For the reason that that meant it was a true, real emergency.” When did producers face yet another terrifying circumstance on the show? Believe Under Deck Time 6.

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