Best Romantic Comedy Movies to Watch on Netflix

Are you tired of all the negativity in the world and want to detox? There is nobetter escape than watching a good rom-com movie, even if your current love life itself is down the drain. Now, if you own a Netflix account, then you are in luck since it has a large catalog of some amazing romantic comedies. Just relax on the couch, grab your popcorn and be sure to have a solid internet connection like Xtream for a fast and smooth streaming experience. You can contact Xtream Internet number now and get the package according to your requirement.

Without any delay, let’s find out the best rom-com movies and why you can’t miss them.

  1. Runaway Bride

Are you scared of a wedding? This Julia Roberts movie will make you want to wear that white wedding gown, but only for Mr. Right!Maggie Carpenter, who is frightened of marrying, becomes tabloid news after abandoning four of her prior partners at the wedding altar. She gets the nickname Runaway Bride. When Ike Graham, a New York columnist, is researching Maggie to write an article and then they two form a bond. The movie’s heartwarming ambiance may not be awe-inspiring, but it is an ideal choice for those looking to watch something and want to believe in love again.

  1. The Incredible Jessica James

Want to feel empowered even when you are going through a tough breakup? Jessica James is the right role model.Jessica James (Jessica Williams) is your average twenty-something theatergoer who’s trying to have her original play published as she deals with the aftermath of a breakup. However, the twist is that she simply cannot let her past flamego from her mind or life. As soon as she meets her new love interest, she begins to reevaluate her love life and dreams, and the moment you realize have you achieved them?

This light-hearted comedy deals with some gripping realities and how to navigate them. Moreover, the protagonists are all about demonstrating feminine power, which is vital to the current generation.

  1. Safe Haven

Who isn’t always excitedfor a Nicholas Spark’s romance? Then Safe Haven is one of them! The film stars Juliana Houghplaying the role of Katie Feldman, who escapes her troubled past and relocates to a small town called Southport. There she meets a widowed father of two, Alex (Josh Duhame), and both quickly form a connection. However, troubles follow when Katie’s ex-husband appears.Come along with Katie on her journey to finding her safe haven.

  1. Right

Are you looking for your Mr. Right? This Anna Kendrick movie will take you on a wild ride with her, Mr. Right.The rom-com genre gets a little twist in this film with an action sequence. Anna Kendrick stars as Martha McKay, the extremely unlucky woman in love but quickly. She discovers that her boyfriend (Sam Rockwell) had turned into a hitman. It is a fun-filled, romantic comedy with brutal killings. You will love Mr. Right due to the chart chemistry that exists between the two characters.

  1. Silver Linings Playbook

Academy Awards and romantic comedy doesn’t make any sense, right? Although it was highly acclaimed for the acting of both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as David O. Russell’s trademark mix of clever dialogue, Chris Tucker’s Danny Pat Jr was Oscar-worthy.The plot line follows Pat (Bradly Cooper), who comes out of a mental health facility to make amends with his wife (Jennifer Lawrence). This film is a mix and matched romantic comedy you need to see.

  1. The Holiday

If you want a true love story with a stellar cast, then you must watch The Holiday. The cast includes Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black. The story follows when these two women decide to swap homes because they want to get away from their relationship situation. After settling into each other’s home, the two women rediscover themselves and, eventually, find love.

  1. As Good As It Gets

Jack Nicholson plays Melvin Udall. He is not exactly the name that immediately comes to mind when you say romantic comedy. However, in this film, he shines!Melvin Udall is a mean-tempered OCD-afflicted, sarcastic killjoy. This all changes when he is required to take care of the neighbor’s dog. This event catalyzes his transformation into a more reasonable man. He gets more in touch with his feelings, and Melvin soon grows close to the single mother/waitress he sees at his favorite local restaurant and, overcomes his self-centeredness. He lets her know how highly he thinks of her and likes her. Is it Cheesy? Hell Yes. However, it is going to work.


Take a break from you daily monotonous and 24-hour cycles.There is nothing better than watching two lovers meet to alleviate existential anxiety. You can #netflixandchill with these amazing rom coms and dream about your one.


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