Can EZ Redeem Himself After Killing Gaby? Fans Say No

Fx enthusiasts proceed to look at EZ Reyes’ progression by way of Mayans MC Time 4. EZ has experienced a complicated and complicated trajectory with the club via the years, and the the latest slaying of his earlier enjoy curiosity, Gaby, has supporters apprehensive about his trajectory. Can he redeem himself soon after Gaby’s death? Here’s what enthusiasts believe.

Who is Gaby in ‘Mayans MC’?

JD Pardo as EZ Reyes and Sulem Calderon as Gaby Castillo | Prashant Gupta/Forex

Gaby, performed by Sulem Calderon, was a central character in Mayans MC up right up until her death in year 4. EZ and Gaby began a connection in period 3, but Gaby felt troubled by the violence that EZ’s lifestyle brought to their partnership. She wrestled with regardless of whether to keep near EZ to go after their romance or depart EZ driving to attend nursing university. In the long run, she decides to depart, and it finished their connection.

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