Catherine Zeta-Jones Joined ‘Prodigal Son’ For the reason that of Whoopi Goldberg

Prodigal Son period 2 is introducing Catherine Zeta-Jones as Dr. Viviain Capshaw. The Academy Award-winner isn’t known as a Tv set actor. And when having on this new function, she claimed Whoopi Goldberg aided her solidify her conclusion. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones in ‘Prodigal Son’ | Phil Caruso/FOX

Catherine Zeta-Jones credits Whoopi Goldberg for making her just take the ‘Prodigal Son’ function

Zeta-Jones is mostly a film actor who’s appeared in dozens of blockbusters, together with Targeted visitors and Ocean’s Twelve. She has been in a handful of sequence over the many years. But Prodigal Son is by much a single of her most outstanding Tv set roles in latest several years.

Zeta-Jones a short while ago appeared on The Look at. And when chatting to Whoopi Goldberg, she discovered that the host contributed to her signing up for the forged of Prodigal Son

“They pitched me the storyline… of Dr. Vivian Capshaw, and I liked it mainly because she was a doctor who seems to be underneath command,” Zeta-Jones stated. “It was you Whoopi who gave me the royal seal of approval to go in advance with my selection or actually to sense definitely, truly very good about my conclusion simply because you stated on air that you’ve been binge-seeing the Prodigal Son and that it was 1 of your beloved reveals.”


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“I experienced a single of all those times of, ‘What would Whoopi consider?’” she ongoing. “And then you were on Television set likely, ‘I like this! I adore this!’”

Goldberg’s admiration for the collection bought Zeta-Jones on the undertaking. She additional, “If it’s superior ample for Whoopi, ’tis superior sufficient for me.” 

Catherine Zeta-Jones also has connections to co-star Michael Sheen

When conversing to the hosts of The Watch, Zeta-Jones also disclosed that she shares a history with her Prodigal Son co-star, Michael Sheen — who plays serial killer Malcolm Whitly. The two actors grew up in Wales all around the same time and have lots of buddies in prevalent. 

“We have so numerous mutual mates, practically childhood mates,” Zeta-Jones claimed. “I was in unique theater teams and we in no way achieved. Our parents know every other, and Michael is aware my dad and mom — Even nevertheless I didn’t know him, he felt like a brother from one more mother in a way.”

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The ‘Prodigal Son’ showrunner claims Catherine Zeta-Jones character will be a power this time

When chatting to Tv set Insider, Prodigal Son showrunner Chris Fedak explained he established Zeta-Jones’ character, Dr. Vivian Capshaw, as an equivalent to Sheen’s Dr. Whitly. He also famous that Capshaw will be a drive this season, and she won’t be putting up with any of the Surgeon’s antics. 

“The medical professional in charge is smart and charming,” Fedak additional. “She’s Martin’s match in a way and truly not going to set up with any of his bulls**t. Also, we’re so psyched to have in essence the most Welsh detail you can think about on Tv set with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Sheen acting jointly.”

Prodigal Son airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.

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