Chaz Dean Dishes About Providing Lisa Rinna Her Iconic Haircut and How He Shed Her as a Client Thanks To Nicollette Sheridan

All people understands the ideal gossip and drama takes place at the hair salon. This is why movie star stylist, Chaz Dean, generally found on Bravo’s Flipping Out, experienced some severe juice about a slew of stars like Lisa Rinna from The Authentic Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Movie star hairstylist Chaz Dean, actress Jenni Pulos, actress Lisa Rinna, and actor Harry Hamlin | Tiffany Rose/WireImage

He’s known Rinna for 26 many years and discovered he is the stylist who designed the haircut she’s recognized for right now. “I started off the initial limited hair on her,” he reported on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. He also mentioned the drama among Rinna, Harry Hamlin, and Nicollette Sheridan brought about him to get rid of them as shoppers.

Lisa Rinna had a different stylist slice her hair according to Chaz Dean’s style and design

Dean is the designer of Rinna’s iconic haircut. “The initial a single, yeah,” he stated. “And I’m heading to explain to you how that happened. I worked at the salon. I was the manager [and] I individual the salon. And when she worked at an eyeglass retailer upcoming doorway, it was Clayton Franklin. And it was a good retail store. Amazing. It was a celebrity haven up there at the time due to the fact it was out of nowhere. It’s in the middle of nowhere. Celebs could go up there absent from paparazzi and it was genuinely risk-free.”

“She came into me 1 night like her hair was lengthy and she’s like, ‘I’m considering of slicing my hair,” he recounted Rinna telling him. “What would you do if I reported, do regardless of what you want to.”

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“I explained, here’s what I would do. And I named it, it was like a shaggy reduce, this, this and that,” he described. “And this was almost certainly on a Friday or Saturday. I arrived back again to get the job done the next week.”

“She arrived in and she was, she was sporting hair possibly about the size mine is now,” he ongoing. “And says, what do you assume? And I’m like, I was stunned. I’m like, wait around, you went questioned me what I would do. And then you went and did it? She goes, well, yeah, you are often occupied. You are far too hectic. I really don’t want to trouble you. I’m like, are you kidding me? I’m like sit down and I slash it to what I stated I would do.”  

Chaz Dean finished up shedding 3 consumers since of Nicollette Sheridan and Harry Hamlin’s divorce

Dean explained the tangled net of shoppers, which included Sheridan and then-partner Harry Hamlin. They broke up and Rinna grew to become his shopper far too. The mashup supplied an option for a significant operate-in concerning Sheridan and Rinna at his studio.

“But when they broke up, it was this vicious cycle,” Dean recounted. “But Lisa was my shopper. Harry was my customer. And Nicollette was. When Lisa and Harry’s begun relationship, it turned way too shut for consolation due to the fact they began relationship.”

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“And Lisa was in my chair at the time and Nicollette walked in,” he recalled. “That was when Real Housewives truly started. I missing all of them mainly because it was awkward and none of them want that to occur. It works towards you. So they all went somewhere else due to the fact they never want to walk in and have an awkward condition. So I misplaced all of them at the time.”

“I’m buddies with all of them,” he ongoing. But extra he did not want to be in the middle of their drama but they did not have to drop him as their stylist either. “I can’t disown you since of what took place here,” he stated about the trio. “And I simply cannot disown you mainly because of what happened there. When you guys have amongst each and every other is not reasonable but good friends who do that to persons, that is mistaken.” 


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