Christine Brown Reveals Her Heartbreaking Commitment For Transferring to Salt Lake City

Time 17 of Sister Wives will include Christine Brown’s decision to transfer from Flagstaff, Arizona, to the suburbs of Salt Lake Metropolis, Utah, subsequent her breakup with Kody Brown. Whilst Kody was versus the move, Christine outlined the heartbreaking reason she resolved to go away Arizona entirely. The mom of six needed to give her youngest youngster the assistance procedure she and her more mature siblings did not have in Flagstaff. 

Christine Brown mentioned she moved to Utah to guarantee Truely Brown experienced a aid system 

Christine Brown was disappointed in Flagstaff and felt unsupported in her marriage. That isn’t the explanation she in the end moved to Utah, while. She could have just finished the relationship and stayed place. In a teaser for upcoming week’s Sister Wives episode, Christine revealed that she opted to settle outdoors of Salt Lake Town to guarantee her youngest little one had a help procedure and was surrounded by persons who really like her, more than subtly suggesting Truely didn’t have that support in Arizona. 

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