Coldplay’s Chris Martin Felt He’d Go to Hell if He Sang This Rolling Stones Tune

Coldplay’s Chris Martin has performed several stunning tracks, nevertheless, he nevertheless has a dim side. For instance, he thought he’d melt away in hell if he carried out a classic Rolling Stones music. He believed a further classic music would cause him to have “bad karma.” Here’s why he stopped believing this.

The Rolling Stones | Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns

Why Coldplay’s Chris Martin was weary of songs by The Rolling Stones and many others

In the course of an interview with Rolling Stone, Martin reviewed being raised in a really spiritual atmosphere. “I grew up with the prospect of heaven and hell looming at any time large,” he recalled. “What I grew up with was, if you even think about boobs, you are going to hell. It was drilled in: These points are mistaken. It was black and white, the way it continue to is for hundreds of thousands of suitable-wing Christians in the center of The united states. I spent a calendar year contemplating I would be punished if I sang ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ by The Rolling Stones.”

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