Could Rory Gilmore Genuinely Have Graduated From Yale on Time?

Rory Gilmore knew she needed to attend Harvard University from the time she was a toddler. Nevertheless, Gilmore Ladies fans were being thrilled when she resolved to attend Yale instead. A faculty nearer to her mother and closer to Stars Hollow meant numerous more years of Hijinx. Even though they were delighted with her school option, they ended up horrified when she made the decision to take a crack from Yale in the course of the show’s fifth and sixth seasons. Ultimately, Rory caught up and graduated from college on time. Would it have been feasible to capture up at a college like Yale so easily, while?

Rory Gilmore took a break from Yale following stealing a boat

Rory’s final decision to attend Yale fired up her grandparents, and soon after some wondering, thrilled Lorelai Gilmore, as well. Rory was content with her decide on, as very well. That is, she was pleased with Yale until she obtained wrapped up with Logan Huntzberger and his household. Just after currently being criticized by Logan’s father, Mitchum Huntzberger, Rory took a bizarre training course of action.

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