Cynthia Nixon Reveals Gross ‘Sex and the City’ Scene That Went Also Significantly and Experienced to Be Cut From the Demonstrate

In the late ’90s, a minimal exhibit known as Sex and the City debuted making it possible for Carrie Bradshaw and her three most effective buddies to develop into voices for one gals almost everywhere. The series initially premiered on HBO but right after the exhibit concluded, it was presented new life on other cable networks and therefore Sarah Jessica Parker and her castmates attained a whole new legion of fans. Fast-forward far more than two many years later on and the franchise adopted up the legendary collection with two videos and an upcoming reboot titled And Just Like That.

A person of the causes Sex and the City experienced this sort of a loyal subsequent is because it pushed boundaries. But as Cynthia Nixon described, there was a scene that essentially went as well significantly and experienced to be cut.

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