Dakota Johnson Wore Men’s Underwear While Filming ‘Persuasion’

Dakota Johnson’s sneaky smile in Netflix’s Persuasion may well entail extra than just the intelligent fourth-wall-breaking dialogue of her character, Anne Elliot. In a recent interview, Persuasion costume designer, Marianne Agertoft, reveals a mystery about Johnson’s gorgeous Regency-era costumes — or instead, what is beneath them.” src=”” frameborder=”” permit=”accelerometer autoplay clipboard-publish encrypted-media gyroscope image-in-photo” allowfullscreen>

Dakota Johnson’s function in Netflix’s ‘Persuasion’

A great deal of Netflix’s Persuasion is created upon the conventional but contains relatively stunning flourishes. For instance, the film remains firmly rooted in England’s Regency Period as was Austen’s original function. Nevertheless, the movie’s sets break from the expected pale palette of the time, that includes loaded, lively jewel tones as an alternative. 

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