Did Anna Nardini Lie to Luke and Lorelai?

Gilmore Girls creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, released Anna Nardini and April Nardini during the show’s sixth year. April, Luke Danes’ very long-missing daughter, appeared and instantly ruined Luke and Lorelai’s connection. Followers mainly hated the character, but they had even much more disdain for her mom, Anna. When you seem at Anna’s character carefully, there is a critical inconsistency that may possibly make her look even far more sinister. Did Anna lie about her loved ones tree? 

Anna Nardini and Luke Danes dated about six decades before Gilmore Ladies began 

April appeared in Luke’s daily life when she was 12. Though he didn’t in the beginning know who she was, he at some point discovered that April was the daughter of his former girlfriend, Anna. Based mostly on April’s age, it is effortless to figure out when Luke and Anna dated. The pair would have dated and broken up about 7 a long time before Gilmore Girls began. 

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