Did Emily VanCamp Enjoy Sharon Carter in ‘Captain America’?

Emily VanCamp has not been a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe the same way that Nick Fury or JARVIS/Vision is. Nonetheless, her presence in the Captain The us story is as very important as everyone else’s.

As Peggy Carter’s niece, Agent 13, also known as Sharon, has fought by Captain America’s aspect for two movies and ongoing her aunt’s legacy. With Cap out of the photo, Sharon’s journey is just beginning and will continue in Falcon and the Wintertime Soldier

Sharon Carter in the MCU


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In accordance to ScreenCrush, Sharon was initial prepared to be a element of Agents of Defend, but scheduling conflicts manufactured this a pipe dream. Nonetheless, she nonetheless received to clearly show off her chops in Captain The us: The Winter season Soldier. Beginning as Agent 13, it took right until Peggy’s funeral for Steve Rogers to notice what variety of connection he previously had with her.

Element of the Defend bloodline and the closest matter he has to a blood relative or close friend outside of Bucky will help to forge a connection that grows a lot less romantic and more based on respect. 

Whether or not looking down Bucky or involving herself in the ensuing Civil War, Sharon is not a supersoldier the very same way Captain America is, nor is she a person with a pricey fit. Extra in tune with Black Widow, Carter will get by on her expertise, brains, and standing with Shield to get in advance. However, her job is still to be fleshed out.

Emily VanCamp in the MCU

Emily VanCamp | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

In a collection of quotes compiled by Sahm Reviews, VanCamp spoke about what helps make her character so distinctive and unique as an alternative of the superpowered people all about her. 

“What I really like about Sharon is her ethical compass,” she told a group of lovers. “I believe she has a actually strong moral compass and I imagine which is what her and Steve initially form of recognize with each other…I enjoy a girl with a sturdy ethical compass and a lot of integrity and I imagine she really has that…you see her battle with that within this movie for the reason that she’s battling her get the job done and her loyalty to her get the job done.”

In an additional interview, VanCamp also commented on women’s part in the MCU and how it has transformed given that the early stages. While it technically only took until finally the next Iron Gentleman movie to introduce a woman hero, none took center stage on the significant-screen until Captain Marvel a ten years later on. Nonetheless, as a single iconic shot in Endgame prompt, the MCU is hunting to modify the perception as a boys’ club. VanCamp, for the file, is there for the journey. 

“These figures are so significantly enjoyable to participate in, but to know that in accomplishing this, it could be you probably empowering young women, is awesome,” she reported in an job interview with DailyCal.org. 

With Steve Rogers seemingly out of the picture, at minimum for the foreseeable upcoming, Carter will have to guideline her way via a globe with out her well known aunt and decommissioned buddy. Fortunately, she has two good friends that will aid her go together. 

What will Sharon Carter do in the new collection? 


Disney and Marvel have performed a wonderful work generating confident that things stay underneath wrap. While Falcon and the Wintertime Soldier is still months absent, it is holding that custom alive. Sharon Carter showed up. Nonetheless, in a Super Bowl professional coated by The Wrap, viewers see Sharon emerge from the shadows to the titular characters’ surprise. 

Aside from that, the extent of her position is even now a solution. What we do know is wherever her story will go. Though the Sizzling Subject shirt The Wrap claimed purportedly indicates that Carter is now managing from the similar people that her aunt assisted convey to lifetime, Disney and Marvel have misled fans right before.

What we do know, nonetheless, is that Sharon, Bucky, and Sam will all have a opportunity to increase their roles when the collection premieres in March. 

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