Did Judge Chamberlain Haller Get the Math Incorrect in a Important Scene?

My Cousin Vinny premiered in 1992. The flick, at first expected to be a reasonable good results, has only grown in popularity over the a long time. Even authorized specialists have celebrated the motion picture, insisting that it’s an accurate representation of the legal process. Although the film is very precise, eagle-eyed supporters may have caught an error, and it involves Decide Chamberlain Haller and Vincent Gambini

Judge Chamberlain Haller instructed Vinny Gambini he experienced 90 minutes to win his case 

In a famed scene, Choose Chamberlain Haller told Vinny Gambini that he had 90 minutes to earn his situation for the reason that the New York courts would be calling him again at 3 pm. Haller had put a connect with to get a far better feeling of exactly who Vinny Gambini was. Getting lied to the judge about his practical experience, Vinny understood he would be in significant trouble if Haller experienced unequivocal proof that he experienced exaggerated his knowledge. 

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