Do You Know What Yr the Present Was Established In?

In September 1962, the first episode of The Jetsons aired on ABC. Creators quickly clued enthusiasts of the sequence into the fact that George Jetson and his household dwell in a futuristic society. The actual calendar year that they reside in was left purposefully ambiguous. Still, a minor digging reveals the calendar year that the sequence was set in.

What year was The Jetsons set in?

The Jetsons offered television viewers a somewhat sunny and optimistic view of the long term. Flying cars and trucks, moving sidewalks, and flat-display TVs were the norm. Even the Jetson family’s sky property was viewed as envious. The show’s creators, nevertheless, had been tranquil about exactly what year the present was set in. The animated people never ever explicitly said the date, but reportedly, advertising content for the display disclosed the exact year.

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