Do You Know Which Character Was the Tallest?

Gilmore Ladies supporters might have found that Amy Sherman-Palladino stuffed the solid with taller than typical males. Lauren Graham, the actor who performed Lorelai Gilmore, when quipped that they observed all the tall adult men in Hollywood to play her like interests. Scott Cohen, the actor who took on the job of Max Medina, Scott Patterson, very best acknowledged for his time as Luke Danes, and David Sutcliffe, the actor who performed Christopher Hayden, have been all above 6 ft tall. Shockingly, they were not the tallest members of the forged, though. 

Dean Forrester is only a pair of inches shorter than the tallest Gilmore Girls star 

Dean Forrester, Rory’s really very first boyfriend, was quite tall. Lorelai after proposed he reminded her of Christopher, Rory’s father. Skip Patty mentioned Dean’s top in season 1. he was a great deal taller than Rory and the relaxation of the teens in Stars Hollow, way too. So, exactly how tall was Dean? 

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