Does the Killer In Mike Flanagan’s Horror Movie Have a Motive?

Director Mike Flanagan still left an integral aspect out of his 2016 movie Hush. He did not give his murderer a motive. Supporters of Hush, starring Kate Siegel, normally marvel why the film‘s assailant preys on the key character. If he did not have a motive, why did the killer in Hush do what he did to Maddie (Siegel)?

‘Hush’ | Mike Flanagan/Netflix

‘Hush’ is a 2016 horror film by Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel 

Now, Flanagan is finest recognised for producing the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill Home and The Haunting of Bly Manor. But Flanagan has also brought Stephen King tales like Gerald’s Game and Health practitioner Rest to everyday living. In 2016, Flanagan and his wife Siegel co-wrote the horror flick Hush. Flanagan directed and edited the movie and Siegel performed the starring job. out?v=Q_P8WCbhC6s

In the movie Hush, Maddie is a deaf and mute writer living a daily life of solitude in the woods. Pretty little depth is supplied about Maddie’s track record, apart from the reality she has an ex-boyfriend who wronged her in the past. Emotion really considerably isolated from the entire world since of her handicaps, Maddie moves to the center of the woods to reside peacefully alone — right up until a masked killer shows up at her door. 

Mike Flanagan’s motion picture ‘Hush’ deliberately leaves out dialogue 

To incorporate to the storytelling, Flanagan utilized really very little dialogue in Hush. In the course of an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Flanagan stated he desired to challenge himself as a director, and working with minimal dialogue served him do that. “I coupled that with this thought that Kate was talking about a whole lot, which was the anxiousness of observing any person attempt to get into your house,” Flanagan extra. “We imagined that if we built the lead character deaf-mute then we would build the opportunity for a really interesting version of [horror] motion pictures.” Originally, Flanagan preferred to do the overall film with no sound. But when he understood he could not create tension without noise, Flanagan attempted a diverse approach. 

The villain in ‘Hush’ seemingly kills devoid of motive  

Hush does not just take lengthy to dive into its pressure-inducing narrative. Within just 15 minutes of the film, a masked killer, credited as “Man” and performed by John Gallagher Jr., displays up at Maddie’s doorway. Recognizing he has stumbled throughout his subsequent target, the killer can take his time creating himself regarded to Maddie. Without having offering also a great deal away, the film unfolds like a match of cat-and-mouse. Ultimately, Maddie will have to struggle for her daily life in silence.

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Commonly in horror movies, the villain has a enthusiasm for killing. But with Hush, that wasn’t the scenario. As a substitute, Flanagan leaned into the circumstance at hand somewhat than providing the killer also considerably of a backstory. In this way, Flanagan forces his viewers to target on the motion as a substitute of the specifics.

Does the murderer in ‘Hush’ know Kate Siegel’s character Maddie? 

The killer in Hush doesn’t show up to know Maddie in advance of arriving on her front porch. Once again, to not have the audience’s awareness focused on the information, Flanagan gave Maddie really little back again story and even much less element about her assailant. The guy basically enjoys killing, but not prior to physically and mentally torturing his victims. There is never a apparent explanation for why he kills or why he takes advantage of the methods he does, or even why he goes immediately after Maddie and her neighbor. But what is obvious is the deeply unsettling emotion viewers get when they observe this maniac function. 

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