‘Eternals’ Director Chloe Zhao Claims Jaw-Dropping Visuals Ended up Snagged From the Comedian Ebook

Just after a really effective calendar year as a director, with winning the Oscar for Very best Director, Chloe Zhao is back with her directorial debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Eternals. The trailer for Eternals, which was introduced just lately, has hanging visuals of open up, never-ending landscapes as properly as breathtaking beat sequences. Speaking to EW, Zhao unveiled where the inspiration for these visuals came from.

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It arrived from the ‘Eternals’ creator Jack Kirby

The Eternals were people established by Kirby for Marvel comics in the 1970s. Kirby had returned to Marvel following a stint with DC Comics and Eternals grew to become 1 of his 1st initiatives back. 

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