Fans Simply call Out Rob Kardashian Right after His Aged Comments About Menstruation Resurfaced

The Kardashian-Jenners have permit cameras into their life since 2007 when Holding Up With the Kardashians premiered. This suggests that often they get caught on camera stating a little something that does not sit well with onlookers. Lately, a clip of Rob Kardashian conversing about menstruation resurfaced, and it is earning admirers angry.

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On episode 13 of season 13, Rob came by Khloé Kardashian’s house for them to operate out collectively. Instead, he discovered Khloé in mattress since she was sensation “like sh**” and dealing with “the worst cramps.”

Rob responded by expressing that Khloé typically explained to him to perform out and go to meetings even when he explained he was throwing up. He included later, “The menstrual cycle, it just does not truly sit ideal with me. That just implies you get to lay in bed all day and not do nearly anything that we prepared on carrying out collectively?”

In the meantime, in her confessional, Khloé exposed that she does not believe her brother could “last a day” encountering “what ladies have to deal with.”

“Right now, I have debilitating cramps, and I come to feel nauseous and gross and, like, a blimp,” she continued. “I want to be in sweats ingesting a f***ing ice cream cake right now, but I can not. I have to sit, seem sweet, set on this experience, be in an interview talking about what a blimp I look like.”

In another scene, Rob could be observed joking about menstruation by stating he was on his “meriod.” Nevertheless, Khloé shut him down, telling him that the “severe” signs and symptoms some girls working experience on their periods are very little to joke about.

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In January, a TikTok user posted a clip of Rob speaking about menstruation from the episode. It has been seen practically 300,000 times on the application and later bought handed about to other social media platforms. Several enthusiasts who noticed the clip could not aid but simply call out Rob for his responses.

“It does not sit appropriate with him?” one person said on TikTok, “Like it is a conspiracy concept or a little something?”

Additionally, a person on Reddit explained, “When I have cramps, I can’t leave my mattress and in so considerably agony. He does not get it induce he by no means seasoned them.”

“This is why I refuse to feel bad for Rob. I actually hope he receives far better by the time Desire will get older,” another supporter wrote. “As a girl, she doesn’t will need a father who consistently puts other girls (primarily her mom and aunties) down.”

Rob Kardashian was made to knowledge phony menstrual cramps

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On the very same episode, Khloé decided to enlist the enable of a doctor to simulate menstrual cramps on Rob. The medical doctor hooked Rob up to a equipment that causes muscular contractions in his abdomen.

Later on, he seemed more sympathetic to Khloé and his woman family members members. He reported, “I regard a lady who presents start and has durations all the time.”

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