Frank Sinatra Tore Into Mario Puzo More than the Johnny Fontane Character

It’s uncomplicated to see why they’d make a film about the making of The Godfather (as Barry Levinson is). All sorts of characters were involved in finding the photo off the ground. Reading about Godfather creator Mario Puzo’s 1st Hollywood project, you get started to consider he deserves his personal movie. Puzo’s operate-in with Frank Sinatra would certainly make a good scene.

As Puzo advised it, he never wished to meet Sinatra, even although he’d admired him from afar. (Puzo referred to him as an “idol,” in simple fact.) “I just considered he was a wonderful artist (singing, not performing), and that he had lived a daily life of good bravery,” Puzo wrote in The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions.

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