George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer Dish on Why the Rom-Com Bombed

A passionate comedy unveiled in the 1990s and starring Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney just feels a blockbuster, ideal? As it turns out, that was not the situation when A single Fantastic Working day hit theaters in 1996. The movie — which chronicles a hectic working day in the existence of two single moms and dads — upset for the duration of its preliminary run. Now, 25 decades later on, Pfeiffer and Clooney handle why Just one Great Working day unsuccessful.

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George Clooney made his very first big studio motion picture with Michelle Pfeiffer

At the time of its release, Pfeiffer and Clooney were in really distinct sites in their job. Pfeiffer was the Oscar-nominated star of hits like Risky Liaisons, The Amazing Baker Boys, and Batman Returns. Meanwhile, Clooney was nevertheless acknowledged primarily for his function as Dr. Doug Ross in NBC drama ER. In quite a few ways, One particular Fine Working day was the get started of his movie vocation.

Despite the fact that Clooney had a number of movie credits to his title, they were being just about exclusively reduced-spending budget horror films. His most high-profile purpose prior to One particular Fantastic Day, in actuality, arrived only months before. Clooney starred opposite Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis in criminal offense thriller From Dusk Till Dawn. Quickly, the actor whose most significant movie credit score was Return of the Killer Tomatoes was on his way to turning out to be a bonafide movie star.

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Even with its star electric power, ‘One Good Day’ unhappy at the box business office

In the hottest addition of Variety’s Actors on Actors sequence, Pfeiffer and Clooney reunited for the initial time due to the fact One particular Fine Working day’s launch. And the stars touched on the movie’s weak reception at the time. For Clooney, the film marked a enormous option to break into movie, which produced its performance that much far more disappointing.

One particular Fantastic Day was my first studio movie I’d at any time completed, and I was incredibly anxious about coming in and looking through by means of it with you,” the actor tells Pfeiffer in the online video. “It’s amusing, for the reason that now persons appear at that movie and they like it — they ended up genuinely rough on us at the time.”

Pfeiffer — who also created One Fine Day — then pointed out the motion picture that conquer hers at the box office. Released on Dec. 20, 1996, the Pfeiffer-Clooney intimate comedy debuted at quantity 5 with just $6 million, in accordance to Box Place of work Mojo. The film that topped the charts that week instead? Beavis and Butt-Head Do The us. Pfeiffer blames beneficial take a look at screenings for impacting its release.

“[One Fine Day tested well]. Then they got a tiny cocky,” she advised Clooney. “We weren’t supposed to occur out right until February. Then they believed, ‘Ooh, this is so good. Let’s launch it faster.’ There was no time to do any genuine push. And then, of study course, we got blamed. And you experienced absent off to do [Batman & Robin].” out?v=ZoGe7j1RTIs

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‘One Great Day’ celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021

Ironically, Pfeiffer and Clooney’s reunion to mark One particular Fine Working day‘s anniversary is a testament to how the movie has endured. When it might not have fulfilled anticipations, the movie has uncovered its followers. So it is significantly from a single both star requires to be ashamed of. As Clooney himself pointed out to Pfeiffer, each stars have starred in infamous box business office flops.

“We’ve both equally finished a sequel that wasn’t the greatest of sequels,” Clooney said in the Assortment video. “I remember we have been accomplishing press, and any person questioned you about Grease 2, and you had been like, ‘I don’t want to chat about it.’ I was like, ‘Oh, appear on!’ I was in the center of capturing [Batman & Robin], which is now created as the worst movie of all time.”

In fact, Pfeiffer has been incredibly vocal about her feelings about Grease 2. But A person High-quality Day, the actor can most likely stand by, primarily with the rewards of 25 many years of reflection.

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