George Harrison Believed Men and women Hated Him for Being Non secular

George Harrison begun studying about spiritual issues in the mid-1960s. Having said that, by the early 1970s, he was fully entrenched in it. To some, it appeared like George was likely to retreat into Friar Park and shell out his days chanting to Krishna, never to be witnessed once again. Finally, George started believing people today, and a lot more importantly, his loved ones and good friends hated him for getting so non secular.

George Harrison and Ravi Shankar | Anwar Hussein/Getty Pictures

George Harrison segregated himself from pals and household who weren’t as non secular as him

A sequence of events catapulted George into his non secular journey. To start with, he took LSD, which opened his brain up to God-consciousness. Then, he read Indian songs on the set of The Beatles’ Help! Next, he acquired a sitar and found Ravi Shankar’s songs.

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