George Harrison Stated Paul McCartney Was Creating Music for a ’14-12 months-Old’ Audience

Right after The Beatles broke up, George Harrison aired his grievances about Paul McCartney and John Lennon. When they experienced worked with each other for years, the previous bandmates didn’t accurately speak glowingly about one particular another in the press. Harrison typically felt that McCartney and Lennon missed his contributions to the band. In one job interview, he complained about McCartney’s controlling character about his music. He also reported that McCartney was composing music for an audience of adolescents.

Paul McCartney and George Harrison | Edward Wing/Everyday Convey/Hulton Archive/Getty Photos

The Beatles broke up in 1970

By the mid-1960s, Harrison was tiring of his position in The Beatles. They had been the most well-liked in the world for many years, and the pressures of fame ended up getting to be unbearable. He stated that he felt a sense of reduction when the band broke up in 1970.

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