George Harrison’s Business Lover Reported Harrison Was the ‘Most Potent Person’ He Knew

George Harrison and his enterprise companion Denis O’Brien fulfilled in the 1970s and formed a prolonged-long lasting partnership. Even though they ended up very distinct, they labored effectively jointly and became excellent pals. Their partnership did not stop perfectly, but it started with mutual admiration. O’Brien claimed that he was struck by how effective Harrison was when they very first satisfied. He remaining their to start with conference contemplating he would do anything at all for the previous Beatle. 

George Harrison and Denis O’Brien | PA Images via Getty Pictures

George Harrison employed his business associate Denis O’Brien in the 1970s

Harrison fired his supervisor, Allen Klein, in 1973. Klein had been The Beatles’ manager in their last months as a band, and he represented the former associates on their solo ventures. 

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