‘Gilmore Girls’ 3 Times Paris Geller Was the Queen of Sarcasm

Paris Geller initially appeared on Gilmore Girls as Rory Gilmore’s foe. Around the year, Paris and Rory managed to develop into pals, even finest pals, 1 could say. Rory and Paris’ deepened romance gave enthusiasts of the series much more possibilities to see Paris in action. A bit abrasive but swift-witted, Paris Geller’s sarcastic remarks and comebacks had been a emphasize of the clearly show. We’ve picked out 3 of her very greatest. 

Inane issues in no way amused Paris Geller 

Paris Geller’s sarcastic remarks have been typically aimed at people she imagined ended up ditzy. Even at Yale, an Ivy League school, Paris located folks she considered weren’t nearly as good as her. She experienced no issue telling them that. 

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