Hayao Miyazaki Praises His Son’s CG-Animated Movie

Famous Japanese auteur Hayao Miyazaki is an outspoken proponent of conventional 2D animation. But he lately created some stunning opinions in assistance of his son’s CG animation skills. Here’s what the filmmaker had to say about Earwig and the Witch

Hayao Miyazaki’s thought it would be “impossible for Goro Miyazaki to immediate the film 

Hayao Miyazaki | Jun Sato/WireImage

Studio Ghibli’s very first foray into non-2D animation was prepared by Hayao Miyazaki but not directed by him. According to, the job went to his son, Goro. The CG-animated film is based on the novel  by Diana Wynne Jones, who also authored Howl’s Moving Castle.  

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