Hayden Christensen’s ‘Stoic’ Portrayal of Anakin Skywalker Was Intentional

When the Star Wars prequels ended up launched above 20 yrs back, a great deal of Star Wars followers had some strong viewpoints about them.

Star Wars fans, for a single cause or yet another, did not like the prequels, and there had been so quite a few reasons for that. A person of the extra widespread reasons was thanks to the performing and the dialogue, and supporters have ridiculed Hayden Christensen’s functionality as Anakin Skywalker for a very long time.

But, as the a long time went on, admirers begun to reevaluate the prequels, and now, a whole lot of Star Wars lovers essentially enjoy them. In truth, at present, Star Wars followers value Hayden Christensen for what he’s performed for Star Wars, and they never blame him for everything any longer.

Why Star Wars lovers did not like the prequels at the time

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Christensen’s Star Wars profession did not get off on a great start off. Jake Lloyd played Anakin when he was a kid, and Christensen took above the job as a teenage Anakin in Attack of the Clones. Although many Star Wars supporters appreciated some elements of The Phantom Menace, number of could say the exact same about Attack of the Clones.

In Assault of the Clones, Christensen uttered one of the most parodied phrases in all of Star Wars. Even though on a date with Padme, Anakin said, “I really don’t like sand. It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating. And it receives just about everywhere.”

Extremely handful of fans preferred that piece of dialogue, and Christensen’s effectiveness of that line didn’t aid, both. Christensen’s functionality did alter for the much better in Revenge of the Sith, but by then, it was far too late. The stilted way that he performed Anakin became a little something lovers hated about the prequels.

Folks love the prequels now

But of program, the Star Wars fandom’s hatred for the prequels mellowed out with time. Currently, the prequels are more appreciated than they had been when they were being released. Fans love the prequels for diverse good reasons, but many only comprehend that, although they were being flawed, they were very good tales at their core.

An example of that is located in Revenge of the Sith. In 1 of the most extraordinary and arguably legendary times in the whole franchise, Anakin fights Obi-Wan Kenobi on a lava world while an epic soundtrack performs in the history. While the visuals and the lightsaber duel have been interesting, what was even much better was the performing.

A whole lot of admirers liked the extreme anger and emotion that Christensen place into his character when he explained his traces for the duration of this scene.

And of class, as facts about what took place driving the scenes commenced circulating, enthusiasts stopped blaming Christensen for something in anyway.

Hayden Christensen’s efficiency was intentional

When enthusiasts saw that “I don’t like sand” scene, numerous admirers believed that it was just undesirable acting. They blamed Christensen for how he explained those strains, and they blamed George Lucas for crafting those people strains in the to start with area. Even so, as Star Wars fans on Reddit reviewed, that blame was misplaced.

According to Star Wars enthusiasts, Christensen’s portrayal of Anakin was intentional, and it was Lucas who informed him to engage in Anakin like that. Lovers explained that, according to the at the rear of the scenes featurettes, Christensen would set “too a lot emotion” into his lines, and Lucas did not want that for the movie. Rather, Lucas needed Anakin to be a lot more “stoic.”

Lucas reasoned that Anakin, who was a troubled child, would be stoic since he was working with his particular troubles internally, according to fans. But of study course, as quite a few Star Wars followers now comprehend, that preference by Lucas was a miscalculation, and as such, Christensen just can’t be blamed for it. Alternatively, lots of Star Wars supporters are choosing to blame Lucas for everything linked to Anakin.

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