Here is Why Domhnall Gleeson Looks so Acquainted

The Hulu sequence The Individual stars Domhnall Gleeson as Sam, a serial killer seeking to adjust his ways. Sam kidnaps his therapist Alan (Steve Carell), hoping he can aid him quit killing. Alan tries to aid Sam when chained to the wall in his basement. In The Patient, Gleeson dons an American accent and dyed brunette hair, so it might just take fans a minute to recognize where by they’ve observed the actor ahead of.

Domhnall Gleeson | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Photos

Domnhall Gleeson portrays Sam in Hulu’s ‘The Patient’

In Hulu’s The Individual, Domnhall Gleeson’s character Sam is a serial killer on a mission. Sam’s goal is to stop killing and to obtain this goal, he kidnaps his therapist Alan Strauss. Sam then forces Alan to go on with his remedy even though Alan is chained in the basement by his ankle.

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