How Led Zeppelin Reacted When a Rapper Experimented with to Use the ‘Kashmir’ Riff

Led Zeppelin is a traditional rock band, however, even artists in other genres have experimented with to emulate their musical genius. For illustration, a rapper at the time requested Jimmy Site if he could use the riff from “Kashmir.” Here’s what Site explained to him — and what he thinks of rap music as a complete.

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Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Site unveiled what he thinks of rap tunes and Puff Daddy

Firstly, a minor background. “Kashmir” is a single of the fantastic Led Zeppelin tunes of the 1970s. The 1990s were being a time when the earth appeared to overlook the 1970s. During the 1990s, Cher designed a comeback on the pop charts, Star Wars returned to the silver screen, and That ‘70s Present began its run. In addition, rapper Puff Daddy, also regarded as Sean Combs or P. Diddy, tried out to sample “Kashmir” for his tune “Come with Me.”

So what did Jimmy Site think of hip-hop in general and Puff Daddy in distinct? For the duration of a Rolling Stone job interview, Kory Grow described “Come with Me” to Web site and asked him why rap music was considerable to him. Webpage responded he identified hip-hop society and split dancing really interesting. He described some rap audio as “brave.” at?v=tzVJPgCn-Z8


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“And I inform you, when Puff Daddy, as he was at the time, acquired in get hold of and explained that he wished to do this thing, I imagined, ‘Wow. Yeah, yeah. We have been sampled enough. Why not do it for serious?’” he recalled. “So I imagined it was fantastic. And it was an epic matter that he did. He place two orchestras on it, for heaven’s sake [laughs]. We never ever experienced that kind of luxurious. And when I did Saturday Night time Live with him, it was phenomenal. He did a few of run-throughs and then the get, and he was distinctive on every single one particular. He was somebody who was improvising, and I admired his work.” 

Jimmy Page compares Puff Daddy to James Brown and Led Zeppelin

In addition, Site praised “Come with Me” for encouraging him to hear the riff from “Kashmir” with new ears. He when compared Puff Daddy sampling “Kashmir” to the performances of “Whole Lotta Love” by artists as varied as James Brown, Black Sabbath, and Snoop Dogg. Page thinks it’s “really cool’ he’s equipped to impact other artists the exact same way legends like B. B. King, Muddy Waters, and Robert Johnson affected him.

“Whole Lotta Love”

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How the planet reacted to ‘Come With Me’ compared to ‘Kashmir’

So how did the community react to “Come with Me?” The monitor reached No. 4 on the Billboard Incredibly hot 100. It stays one of the most perfectly-recognized rap-rock tracks of the 1990s. For comparison, “Kashmir” did not chart on the Billboard Warm 100 at all. However, it continues to be a common track and Shakira even incorporated it into her Super Bowl performance. “Kashmir” has obviously resonated with artists from several genres, from rappers to Latin pop stars.

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