How Prosperous Is Carrie Bradshaw Supposed to Be?

Carrie Bradshaw is not obtaining an simple time in the initially seven episodes of And Just Like That… Her huge like is dead, and she’s performing through emotions of grief and confusion, coupled with other, much more typical troubles involved with ageing. The 1 issue Carrie doesn’t seem to be to have to fear about is cash. The intercourse columnist who when acquired tomatoes at a corner keep on credit score is filthy wealthy now. Just how wealthy is she supposed to be, although? 

Carrie Bradshaw’s profitable textbooks would have netted her a small fortune 

When admirers initially fulfilled Carrie Bradshaw in Intercourse and the City, she was rarely making a lot of income. All informed, the columnist was probably subsisting on considerably less than $50,000 a 12 months in New York City in the 1990s. Items adjusted someplace alongside the way, however. Carrie went from utilizing credit score to obtain tomatoes to landing valuable freelance positions and, finally, a e-book offer. 

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