How Tom Cruise Reacted to Virtually Acquiring His Head Sliced Off Filming ‘The Very last Samurai’

Actor Tom Cruise place loads of difficult perform into the preparing of The Last Samurai. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to be expecting almost everything on a movie set to go as prepared, primarily when it arrives to action stuntwork. As a consequence, Cruise nearly experienced his head sliced appropriate off filming The Very last Samurai. Here’s a search at what he had to say about it when it was introduced up throughout an interview.

‘The Final Samurai’ actor Tom Cruise set a ton of preparation into playing Nathan Algren

Tom Cruise | Junko Kimura/Getty Images

IGN attended a 2003 push meeting for The Previous Samurai and experienced the likelihood to converse with Cruise. He stated that he could not even touch his toes when he started out his planning. However, he set on 25 lbs of muscle to regulate pulling off the stuntwork even though sporting 50 pounds truly worth of armor. Cruise acknowledged that there was some pretty known threat involving The Previous Samurai stunts.

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