How Zaheer Attained the Sub-Skill of Flight in ‘The Legend of Korra’

The Legend of Korra expanded on the environment developed in Avatar: The Previous Airbender. LOK launched a lot of new techniques and sub-competencies of the 4 sorts of bending into the Avatar universe. It observed metalbending develop into commonplace and released new villains with terrifying powers like lavabending and bloodbending without having a entire moon. Zaheer unlocks just one of the most stunning new subsets of bending in the episode “Enter the Void.” 

Zaheer | ‘Avatar: The Final Airbender’ by using YouTube

Expert Laghima was the initially airbender to realize flight  

Flight is an historical sub-talent of airbending. According to a Wiki Fandom site, it was learned by Guru Laghima, an Air Nomad who unlocked the solution to weightlessness four thousand years ahead of the activities of The Legend of Korra. Just after reaching this skill, Guru Laghima spent the remaining forty years of his lifestyle without having at any time touching the ground. 

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