Is Steven Spielberg the Highest-Grossing Director of All Time?

Above the several years, Steven Spielberg has performed an remarkable career illustrating his filmmaking design and style. The famous director has — 1 film at a time — shared his personal perspective with his lovers. His sensibility particularly shines by means of in movies these as E.T. the More-Terrestrial. But is his substantial checklist of box office hits potent adequate to get paid Spielberg the title of the best-grossing director of all time? Let us investigate.

Steven Spielberg | John Shearer/WireImage

Steven Spielberg has produced so quite a few legendary films

No matter when they grew up, each era since the 1970s has its very own pivotal Spielberg motion pictures. Movies early on in his career — this kind of as Jaws, Raiders of the Missing Ark, and E.T. — shaped its youthful viewers. Furthermore, 1990s little ones frequently cite films this sort of as Hook and Jurassic Park as pivotal to fostering their really like of film. And that’s not even counting the films he created and didn’t direct, like Back again to the Future and Jurassic Planet.

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