Jackie Chan At the time Warned Admirers That a Film He Did With Jet Li ‘Wasn’t That Great’

Actors Jackie Chan and Jet Li have been two of some of the major action stars of the 90s and early 2000s. So when the possibility arrived for Chan to get the job done with Li, Chan seized the possibility inspite of not liking the script. But after the movie, Chan understood his original instincts were being suitable, and warned viewers that the movie could possibly not be as great as they assumed it would.

Jackie Chan warned viewers that ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ was not a great film

Jackie Chan and Jet Li | Zhao Wei/Getty Images

The 2008 movie The Forbidden Kingdom was a fantasy film co-starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It adopted a teenager performed by Michael Angarano who’s transported to historical China the place he should absolutely free a fairy tale warrior. If he does not, he’ll be trapped in that timeline and won’t be capable to return house.

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