Jackson Avery’s Custody Arrangement With April Is A great deal Much more Civil Than His ‘High Conflict’ Actual Lifetime 1

When April Kepner (Sarah Drew) left Grey’s Anatomy, numerous viewers assumed she took Jackson Avery’s (Jesse Williams) daughter, Harriet, with her. Even so, in excess of the past couple of seasons, the custody arrangement that Jackson and April have appears to be like amicable. In real existence, Williams’ custody with his ex is entirely diverse and deemed “high conflict.”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Time 13: Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams as Aprila nd Jackson | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Tv/ Getty Images

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What took place to Harriet Kepner-Avery?

April Kepner left Jackson Avery at the close of Grey’s Anatomy Season 14. She married Matthew (Justin Bruening), the man she still left at the altar. However, she however lives in Seattle and provides clinical care to homeless communities. When period 15 commenced, viewers questioned the place their daughter, Harriet Kepner-Avery went.

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