Jason Segel Was Requested to Lose 35 Pounds For ‘The 5-12 months Engagement’

Many actors put by themselves by means of mega-transformations for certain roles and movies. Some of the most difficult alterations to the physique and brain involve significant excess weight achieve or decline. Try to remember when Matthew McConaughey looked almost skeletal in Dallas Prospective buyers Club? Or Chris Hemsworth’s “starvation diet” to glimpse “scrawny” for Dropped at Sea?

Actor Jason Segel is amid the roster of famous people who’ve gone through body weight transformation, even though perhaps not as drastic or powerful as some of the other folks. 1 time, he talked over remaining questioned to also get rid of bodyweight for a purpose. Set to co-star with Emily Blunt in 2012’s The 5-Yr Engagement, producers felt Segel wanted to shave off 35 lbs .. But why the ask for, and what did Segel believe about it?

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