‘Jaws’ Actors Reveal How They Have been Forged to Perform Alex and Mrs. Kintner and How Steven Spielberg Shot the Shark Assault

Lee Fierro and Jeffrey Voorhees have been not known actors when they took on the roles of Mrs. Kintner and Alex Kintner in Steven Spielberg‘s groundbreaking film Jaws. They recounted their experience operating on the film and what went into capturing the horrific scene when Alex Kintner is killed by the shark.

‘Mrs. Kintner’ was not interested in the function in ‘Jaws’

Voorhees and Fierro shared their experience in a 2005 interview with Martha’s Winery Journal. Fierro died in 2020 of coronavirus (Covid-19), but Voorhees nevertheless life on the Vineyard, which is in which Jaws was filmed. Fierro was a veteran actor, who at first turned down the idea of having element in the movie.

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