Jay-Z The moment Regarded Biggie Smalls His Only Competitors in Hip Hop

Jay-Z is one of the most successful rappers in the tunes field. On major of promoting millions of data, he’s also praised for his longevity in the new music business. But when asked if there was another rapper that certainly competed with him, only fellow Brooklyn rapper Biggie Smalls came to head.

Jay-Z had to find other ways to motivate himself immediately after Biggie’s death

Jay-Z | Kevin Winter/Getty Photos

Biggie Smalls’ death experienced a profound influence on quite a few. The rapper touched several life with his tunes and persona, but of class, he has been specifically missed by all those closest to him like Jay-Z. Jay-Z and Biggie equally went to the exact same college and strung jointly a couple strike tunes. “Who Shot Ya” and “Brooklyn’s Finest” are a few of their most unforgettable performances.

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