Ji Chang-wook Claims ‘This Is My Story’ and How It Relates to His ‘Difficult’ Childhood

Ji Chang-wook has enthusiasts drawn to his The Audio of Magic K-drama character, Ri-eul. Ri-eul hides a thriller powering his childlike speculate and magician’s picture in the K-drama. As he life in an deserted amusement park, he aids Ah-yi master what it is to desire once more and battle from culture. The character Ri-eul has a deeper and more emotional tie to Ji than followers anticipated.

Ji Chang-wook for ‘The Sound of Magic’ as Ri-eul | through Netflix

Ri-eul escapes the hardships of the actual globe because of to his past in the K-drama

In the webtoon-based K-drama, Ah-yi is at first perplexed by Ri-eul and his state of mind. She chastises him for not developing up and going through the world’s truth. But she before long realizes he is correct, and modern society forces teens to confront a severe environment ahead of starting to be adults. As Ah-yi regains her speculate and learns magic, Il-deung realizes she is familiar with absolutely nothing about him.

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