Joanna Gaines Exposes Secret About Her Mashed Potatoes — ‘They Only Treatment When You Inform Them’

Joanna Gaines is the host of the cooking present Magnolia Table which is component of the programming on Magnolia Community. Gaines preps her favored dishes which viewers can emulate at residence for their households to get pleasure from. During the year 3 finale of the clearly show, she took on some Southern cooking favorites. In the episode, she revealed what makes her mashed potatoes so fantastic, which is a secret she suggests individuals only care about “when you tell them.”

Joanna Gaines | Magnolia Community

What is the top secret ingredient Joanna Gaines adds much too much of on her mashed potatoes?

One of the finest sections about Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines is that she is a cooking enthusiast just like viewers looking at at residence. Gaines may possibly not be a professional chef but she loves to cook and which is how quite a few men and women can relate to her. The display highlights her goofier side and makes it endearing to watch her as she puts her heart and soul into the foods she can make.

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